3 Reasons Homeowners Switch To Solar Systems

If you’re an Australian homeowner, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of ads for solar systems.

Even so, you might not know a lot about solar so today I wanted to talk about why people make the switch from coal-fired power to sunny renewable solar. Over 20% of Australian households have already installed solar on their roofs, so by global standards, Australia is a leading adopter of solar. In my experience, homeowners usually switch for one of three reasons. The first reason, and most common, is that homeowners want to save on power bills.

Over time, the cost of power bills has really ramped up. It’s not uncommon for people to spend $500 or more per quarter to power their family home. The bills are even worse when everyone’s home, instead of going to school or the office, and you’re running power-hungry heating or cooling appliances 24/7. Depending on your home, your usage patterns and size of your solar system, you can reduce your power bill by 80% or even more. Yes, there is a cost to buying a solar system, but over time, once the solar system is paid off, it’s free power and savings in your bank. Reducing your cost of living is a very common reason for people to switch to solar.

The second group are homeowners that are especially environmentally aware and are conscious of leaving Australia in its most pristine condition for our children. We have a FAQ page on our website which covers this, but in summary, the making of solar panels causes a CO2 lifecycle energy cost, which is then paid back after 2 years of operation. So after 2 years of running, your panels have paid off their “environmental debt”, and you’ve made the switch to 100% CO2 emission free. The third group of solar switchers are homeowners that want to increase the value of their homes.

For most people, the purchase of a home is the most significant purchase of their lifetime. It makes sense to maximise your investment. A study by the realestate.com.au website showed that 85% of Australians believed that a solar system on the roof improved the value of the home, including attracting tenants who were prepared to pay more for solar rental properties.

Whatever the reason, switching to solar is a great investment. You’ll save money, reduce CO2 emissions and increase the value of your home – all at the same time! When you’re ready, our friendly, experienced team make switching to solar easy, so give them a call or request a quote.

Got questions? Call the team at DSolar on 1300 989 811 for tailored roof design advice and to get more help optimising your solar panel installation for maximum benefit.

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