What’s the Best Place to Install a Solar Panel?

Best Place to Put a Solar Panel

Sunlight rises in the east and sets in the west, so solar panels work best facing south. The south-facing boards always face the sun, so they don’t cast shadows. Although south-facing solar modules provide the best results, east and west-facing solar panels produce a sizeable amount of energy. Solar panels should never be installed on roofs facing the north because objects facing the north have more shade. What’s the best place to install solar panels?

The Best Location for Solar Panels

If you want to install solar panels in your home, the location of the meetings is crucial. You should usually install solar panels on your roof in a fixed manner facing south, which receives the most sunlight.

Solar panels produce the most electricity when they receive the most sunlight from the south. Therefore, a solar panel should face the true south. However, there is a difference between the magnetic south and the true south. If you use a compass, you’ll point toward the south pole. The compass needle, however, is slightly pulled away from the true south due to the earth’s fluid metal outer core.

Collecting more energy by using more solar panels when your roof faces east or west instead of facing south is possible. The panels can also be mounted on a rack facing south, but the cost would be higher.

Some homeowners even install solar panels on the south-facing walls of their homes. If your zoning permits, this is an effective way to get the most sunlight for your solar panels.

Best Place to Put a Solar Panel

Which types of Solar panels are most efficient?

Solar panels come in various types from various providers, which you might not know. There are two types of solar panels: polycrystalline solar panels, which are cheaper but less efficient, and monocrystalline solar panels, which are more expensive but more efficient.

Even though each panel achieves a different output level, this does not depend on their placement, so you can choose the discussion that is best for you apart from where it is placed.

Do Solar panels have to be attached to the roof?

Most solar panel owners choose to have their panels attached to their roofs. Because of this, it has been assumed that they should be placed on the roof. However, this is not always the case. Roof-mounted solar panels offer several advantages, such as being out of the shade of trees and protecting from heavy winds.

In addition, free-standing solar panels can also be valuable since they can be placed facing south and at any angle you choose. To replace conventional building materials, integrated solutions such as façade and flat-roof solar panels can be used.

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