Why You Should Choose DSolar As Your Solar Company

Ready to make the switch to solar?

Let me explain all the reasons why you should choose DSolar as your solar company.
Since 2012, we’ve installed solar systems in homes right across Australia.

We’re in this business to give people like you a choice when it comes to electricity.

Aussies can continue to pay energy companies that put shareholder profits first – or they can choose energy independence and take control of climbing electricity costs.

At DSolar, we imagine an Australia where homes and businesses run on affordable, clean renewable solar energy; an Australia that you can be proud to hand down to your children.

DSolar is a Clean Energy Council approved solar company.

DSolar customers rate us 5-stars.

You can be confident that you’re dealing with a reputable company that’s been doing solar for a long time.

We only use properly qualified Clean Energy Council accredited installers and approved products.

When you think about the top solar brands – like Jinko, Canadian, LG, Hyundai, Fronius and Sungrow – think of us. These are brands we install across Australia.

Our long-lasting, high performance solar systems are built for maximum return on investment and 20 years of service. Ask us about industry-leading warranties and interest-free finance options.

We believe you should own your own power, not buy it from power companies. We are helping people switch to energy independence right across Australia, one home, one business, one panel at a time.

Call the team at DSolar. You’ll save money, save our planet and increase the value of your home – all at the same time!

There is no better time than now to take control of your power bills.

Got questions? Call the team at DSolar on 1300 989 811 for tailored roof design advice and to get more help optimising your solar panel installation for maximum benefit.

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