How much money will I save by going solar?

How much money will I save by going solar? The short answer is, it all depends. Today, I’ll explain.

Some people have big roofs, some small. Some are home all day using power, while others aren’t. Some people have trees that cast shadows over roofs, while others don’t. Different states in Australia have different daylight hours.

In other words, everyone is different so to get an accurate savings calculation for you, you need to call DSolar and talk to the team.

Let’s go through some of the main factors that affect savings.

Daylight hours. Depending on where you live, you’ll enjoy longer or shorter daylight hours. If you live in Brisbane, for example, on average you’ll get almost 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. If you live in Hobart, though, this drops to just over 2,250. Since a solar system needs daylight to generate power, where you live directly impacts how much solar energy you can produce. The more you produce, the greater you save.

The size of your roof. Next, your savings will be impacted by the size of your roof. In principle, the bigger the system you can fit on your roof, the more power you can generate, and again the greater the savings. You can use your power, sell it back to the grid, or store it for night use if you have a solar battery.

Roof shading. Of course, if you have trees casting shadows across your roof, this can hurt your solar system savings. Solar systems don’t produce power efficiently in shaded places. So, shade-free roofs, especially north-facing, tend to be the best for generating solar power – and savings – in Australia.

Household consumption. Then there is your household consumption patterns. If you’re home during the day, running your appliances, you will significantly reduce your bills. You won’t need to draw on grid power, just use your own. If you use most of your energy at night, you can sell your daytime power back to the grid, get the discount on your power bill, and reduce your costs this way.

Of course, if you want to use solar power at night, add a battery to your system so you can store your energy for later use.

How much you save is calculated specifically for you. To get an accurate assessment, call the friendly team at DSolar on 1300 989 811. We can pull together a proper proposal showing the size of system you can install on your roof and, depending on your usage and location, more accurately assess exactly how much you’ll save.

Got questions? Call the team at DSolar on 1300 989 811 for tailored roof design advice and to get more help optimising your solar panel installation for maximum benefit.

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